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Best of Wifey Vol1, Scene 5




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Best of Wifey Vol1- Scene 5

Classic content from the early Wifey years!

In this scene I get duped by a pool hustler who tricks me into fucking him right there on the pool table! I went over to a local little bar to unwind and started playing pool. After awhile this comes in and asks me if I want to play him. I say sure, but he wants to bet something. I didn't have any money on me so I'll bet you can guess what he wanted  :) After he whipped me i had to suck his cock. he beat me again and I had to sit up on a chair in the bar, spread my legs apart and let him look at my pussy. This made both of us really hot and I knew then he was going to fuck me right there.

He slid his cock into me and it felt so good I started to literally pant! It was kinda embarrasing but got him so hot he started pumping me like a jackhammer. He then flipped me around and started pounding his fucking dong into me, grasping my sides with his strong hands and muscular arms. I like to taste a man's semen so asked him if he would cum in my mouth. He seemed surprised, but happy to hear it. I dropped down and masturbated his nice penis until it litearrly exploded his ejaculate all over face and onto my tongue. I nearly climaxed because it was so fucking dirty. he then had me lay up on the pool table and masturbate for his so he could watch my face while I climaxed. It didn't take me long- I came violently, my pussy was spasming and flooding out my womanly juices. God it felt good- but so wrong!! Afterwards I got up and dressed and went back home!