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Wifey Gets a Mouthful!



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OMG- Kate strokes out an 11 rope cumblast from the Masterblaster!

Video Format- MP4

Resolution- 960x540

Runtime- 23 minutes

We've had a lot of people email to ask when I would take on the Masterblaster again after our last offering, where he unloaded one of his massive cumshots right into my married pussy! Well, he's back!

In this scene I play Kate, the horny neighbor down the street (who happens to be one of the horniest sluts we've ever seen! ;)

It opens with Kate coming over to Wifey's apartment because Hubby has a suprise for her. She arrives wearing a little jacket and much to everyone's susprise when she takes it off she's wearing this OUTRAGEOUS little dress that has her huge tits fully exposed!

She tells Hubby that she loves her present and lays down on the bed to get ready to receive Masterblaster's rock hard 8" cock. He had held off cumming for nearly a week and was ready to fuck!

He slowly slid his dong into Kate's already wet pussy and started to pump. You could really tell he was horned up and turned on by Kate's huge tits! They fuck in several positions, with Masterblaster just jackhammering poor Kate until she's lathered up like a complete whore! I think Kate might have had a cocktail or two because she climbs up and mounts Masterblaster, rubbing his balls and then sliding her fingers up her own ass while he fucks her (OMG Kate you were a naughty girl!)

When he's finally ready to drop his load Kate drops down onto her knees and furiously beats his swollen dong until Masterblaster starts to exclaim "it's gonna cum- it's gonna cum!!". Kate then slows off and teasingly strokes his spurting, bucking cock directly into her open mouth, massaging out 11 streams of his nut butter. Masterblaster's forceful cumblasts are a little much though, with several shooting up into her eyes and nose.

She then shows her prize to Hubby and Masterblaster, then swallows the whole mess!

Lucky girl- I've been there myself a few times ;)

Don't miss it- it's EPIC!!