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Running time: 11 min 57 sec / HiRes video download (wmv) 

It was a hot day when I looked outside and saw my yard guy pulling weeds in the beating down sun. I felt so bad for him and asked him if he'd like to come in for a cold drink! (of course, I purposefully wore my shortest shorts and a slinky little t-shirt with no bra underneath, lol) He looked kinda surprised but said "yes" he'd love a cold drink and a break from the sun. When I came into the house the air conditioning made my nipples hard and I knew he was looking at them through my t shirt. I told him my husband was out of town and I was REALLY horny but couldn't let him fuck me (I'd never cheat on my husband!). I asked him if he'd like a blowjob though and (of course) he said "hell yes!". So, I took him to the living room and sucked his cock. he ended up blasting my eyes completely shut with a huge cumshot. I was so turned on I ended up climaxing with a dildo with his load covering my eyes. 
When I started cumming he said "look up at me" which pushed me over the edge. Afterwards he followed me into my bathroom with a camcorder to watch me try to clean my face!