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Dark Dreams 1080p! (WMV File)




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Running time: 14:28 (WMV File)

Wow, you just never know what might pop out of your television and into your living room! I was watching a porno sent in by one of our fans and the next thing I knew I had a 10 inch black cock coming right at me on the couch! I could have sworn it was a dream, but the next thing I knew that black dick was buried up inside my tight little pussy and I couldn't believe what I was feeling- it was huge! 
After that black cock spewed I passed out and woke up to my husband shaking me awake- he got so horny listening to me tell him about my "experience" that he pushed me back and ate my pussy like a maniac. I deep-throated him then opened up so he could fuck me as well. 
After pounding me into submission I dropped to my knees and coaxed out a thick shooting load onto my tongue (filmed with three different angles) and swallowed the entire mess! I was SO FUCKING HORNY that I wanted to climax also so had my husband hang his spent cock in front of me while I masturbated to an intense orgasm. What a fuckfest- whoa!!