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Wifey Gets Her Hotwife On!



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OMG- MasterBlaster returns for a naughty fuckfest and monster facial!

Video Format- MP4
Resolution- 1280x720
Runtime- 17 minutes
As those of you that have seen my previous videos with MasterBlaster knows, this guy has a gorgeous hung cock that shoots MASSIVE amounts of cum! It's always exciting for me to fuck this guy and to see how big of a load I can coax from him in front of my husband!
In this scene we start off in my bedroom, with MB admiring my ass as I'm on all fours while he's stroking his huge dong.
He has me suck his rock hard cock (and this guy's cock gets hard- it's like a fucking steel pipe!). I bob up and down on the shaft as he grabs the back of my neck, ramming it further into my mouth. I suck his swollen balls, knowing that the teasing is just edging him into a bigger and stronger orgasm!
He then flips me around and slowly guides his thick cock into my soaked pussy. It's so fucking thick that I ask him to start slowly, easing it in until he up to his balls. Then he starts slowly pumping me, watching his hog slide in and out of me as I'm nearly going crazy!
He starts banging me harder, leaning over to grab my huge tits and pinches my hard nipples as he talks dirty to me (which I love).
He then has me flip onto my back so he can fuck me missionary style. I lay back and lift my legs up high and wide open so he can attack my swollen married cunt with his thick hog.
After nearly fucking me into oblivion I get up and ride his massive member- SLOWLY and methodically, making sure to inch him closer to his climax but never letting him get over the edge. After several minutes of getting him excruciatingly close to cumming I tell him I want him to blow all over my face.
He stands up and I begin to to work his huge cock with my mouth and hands. I look up at him and talk dirty to him, telling him how much I love his huge cock and how anxious I am to see his huge load!
It doesn't take long before MasterBlaster's legs start to quiver and he moans something about "shooting". I tell him to go ahead and cum and he starts shooting, first a big stream of pre cum spills from the head and then these huge streams of hot semen start EXPLODING from his cock, plastering my face and eyes, shooting up into my hair and even over my head onto the bed behind me. I keep pounding his cock with my hand, draining every last drop of his pungent sperm. My tits, face and hair are literally dripping with this guys load- it was so hot!!
Afterwards I do a lot of post-orgasm sucking, tenderly draining the rest into my mouth to swallow.