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Wifey Meets Uncut Adonis!



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Video Format- MP4
Resolution- 1920X1080
Runtime- 30 minutes

I met my new friend, Uncut Adonis several years ago online but for some reason our schedules just never clicked and we were never able to meet up with him. Luckily we stayed in touch and were finally able to get together- he was worth the wait OMG!

I had been with him once before briefly (we didn't have sex but I did suck him to completion). This is the first time he actually put that thing inside me!

In this video we met at a hotel Hub and I stay at occasionally. I had been super horny thinking about finally getting to fuck this guy. He met Hub in the lobby and they both came up when i was ready.

I got down and undid his pants, then slid them down. His cock is unreal- it is the thickest penis I have ever seen (and I've seen some big ones lol). He has a massive uncut cock which got me so fucking excited! I had my husband come close with the camera so I could roll back his thick foreskin to reveal that gigantic head. Then started to slowly lick and tease it with my lips. His precum was oozing already.

After a little bit of this I laid on the bed so he could pleasure me orally. I laid down and he started eating my pussy, I was fucking soaked and nearly out of my mind. I even had my husband jump in briefly so he could hold my legs up for me and I could suck and play with his cock while I was being eaten. 

I had to feel that massive boner inside me so told him to get up and fuck me. he SLOWLY inserted that into my soaked pussy and I couldn't believe it! It would barely even fit in me even though i was completely soaking wet! He was so good, fucking me slowly and steadily which drives me wild!

He fucked me in several positions, driving that massive pole into me unceasingly, bottoming out in me which was so pleasurable with a twinge of pain!

He wanted to fuck my huge boobs before he came and I wanted to see that huge dong between then as well. It was so hot seeing that foreskin sliding up and back on his apple sized head. Fuck that was hot!

I knew I wanted to taste his cum (hey, I AM Wifey) so got down and sucked and played with his cock and balls for awhile. he wanted to watch me masturbate so I pinched a nipple and massaged my clit while talking dirty to him. He couldn't take me looking into his eyes very long and announced to me he was going to cum. He moaned loudly, then laid the head of his cock onto my tongue and started cumming. This guy has a THICK cumshot and all of it shot into my mouth. I showed him my bounty and stared into his eyes as I swallowed it all.

SO HOT!! Don't miss this. Its pretty raw as we weren't planning on putting it up publicly but we all decided it was too good to keep to ourselves!!