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Wifey Takes On the White Whopper!



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WOW! Watch Wifey Take on the Biggest Cock She has EVER Seen!

Video format- Mp4

Resolution- 960x540

Running time- 35 minutes!

We've had a lot of requests from members who have seen some stills of me taking on the "White Whopper"- a guy that we met with once who literally had the biggest dick I had ever seen!

We met him in Las Vegas years ago, after corresponding with him online. He had sent us some pictures of his "manhood" but you never know if those are faked. His weren't lol!

After meeting with him down in the hotel bar and getting comfortable with him, we went up to the room to have a bit of fun.

When we got up there I was a little nervous, but he was calm as a cucumber (and hung like one too). I took his pants down and was met by an overly large semi-hard cock. It was as big soft as most men are with an erection lol! When I started sucking on it that fucking thing just KEPT GROWING! OMG it was ridiculous! I could get two hands on that monster and still had trouble getting the rest into my throat!

His huge dick got as hard as a rock and he grabbed my head and started fucking my mouth. It actually brought tears to my eyes (of joy ;). No way could I deepthroat that monster but I did my best.

Afterwards we went over to the sofa and he said he wanted me completely naked. I usually only do that with my husband but this guy was worth the exception! I stripped off my nightie and sat down next to him on the couch. I played with his huge cock while he played with my tits and told me about some other experiences he had had with couples. That got me even hotter so I climbed up and took that huge cock into my wet pussy. FUCK he was huge!! I rode his big dick for awhile then he picked me up and stood up and fucked me, turning so my husband could get a good angle of his monster dong slamming into me while we kissed! So naughty!

After fucking me doggy and reverse cowgirl we went into the bedroom and got down to business on the bed. His cock was so long he could fuck me laying on top of me with my legs closed- which meant his huge dong was rubbing right across my clitoris which sent me through the roof! He POUNDED me with his massive cock- I had never felt anything like that!

He kept hammering me bareback until he was ready to climax- he told me he was cumming then pulled out and jerked that monster all over my face! I started trying to suck on the head but he told me it was too sensitive lol!

After cleaning him up with my mouth he laid back and we added some footage of me talking to him about how big his cock was.

This video is VERY raw and real. There is quite a bit of talking throughout, we didn't want to edit all the sound out. We thought it would be more interesting to leave it in so you could see what its really like during a hotwife encounter!