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Wifey vs Gman's BBC



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OMG Wifey takes on Gman's massive BBC!!

Video Format- MP4

Resolution- 1280x720

Runtime- 20 minutes

The infamously hung Gman makes his return and wow do I have a lot fun!

It starts out with him behind me, cupping my huge boobs and kissing my neck. Then he turns me around and starts kissing me passionately, which gets me totally soaked!

I then sit down on the bed and he walks towards me wearing only shorts, which have an obvious tent at this point. I SLOWLY pull them down revealing his gigantic dong! Fuck that guy is hung!

I start sucking and stroking his huge meat, with a lot of attention on his low hanging (and obviously full) balls. He's moaning and enjoying it all!

Then he lays me back and goes down on me, licking and sucking my soaked pussy. I nearly climaxed but he wanted to fuck me first.

I have to admit to being a little nervous because this guy's cock is literally like a horse dick. He's very gentle at first though, rubbing his head all over my clit and making me quiver before he slides it in. OMG that thing feels good!

He bangs me in several positions before I climb and mount him cowgirl style. I slowly ease that monster into me, feeding my hungry pussy like a crazed woman, lol. He gets really hot and horny,grabbing my ass and pounding that monster cock into me. 

After fucking me doggy-style I know he's ready to cum. And an epic climax it is..

He has me on my knees, massaging his balls and rubbing his legs while he masturbates for me. When he's close to cumming he starts counting down so I know when it's gonna start. Right as the sperm starts shooting from his penis I pop it into my mouth and just suck on the head, watching his big dick start to jerk and spasm as his thick load GUSHES into my mouth. I'm looking up into his eyes as he's cumming and can see how strong his orgasm is. So hot!

When his dong finally stops spasming I open my mouth to show him how much cum he's shot into my mouth. What a load!! I swallow it all down, nearly choking on his manly seed.  We all laugh after the fact at the size of his wad!