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Wifey's BBC Valentine!



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WOW! The first video I've ever released of me fucking and draining a massive 9 inch black cock!!

Video format- Mp4

Resolution- 1280x720

Running time- 21 minutes

We decided it'sfinally time to release a video of me and a good friend of ours,The GMan (gargantuan man!).

We've known Gman for almost 10 years,meeting online after he had sent us some images of his huge cock. I was immediately intrigued but I thought they might be fakes! When we actually met him and I first took his pants down I was like "OMG you have the biggest thickest cock I have ever seen!" I couldn't even get my hands around his huge pole and that REALLY turned me on!

In this scene we hadn't been together in many months and I was SUPER horny to see him again. I am ALWAYS shocked when his pants come down and that huge hard cock pops out. It never ceases to amaze me, no matter how many times I see it!

Gman is always hard when he sees me and this time was no different- I immediately dropped to my knees and started servicing that huge piece of meat, sucking it gently while massaging his massive hanging balls. His balls definitely match his cock lol- everything is huge on this man! (even his loads are legendary)

After a few minutes of sucking and playing with his huge cock, I could taste his pre-cum and knew it was time to fuck. I told him I wanted to feel that huge rod inside of me so I laid down on my back so he could mount me. He rubbed the huge head of his cock all around my swollen clit until I couldn't stand it any longer! Finally he penetrated me and I almost climaxed right on the spot!

After fucking me missionary style I knew I had to get up and ride that massive black dong. He flipped over onto his back and I mounted him, slowly sliding that thick black hog right up into my soaked married pussy. He started moaning as I continued to slowly raise myself up and down on his rock-hard  boner.

After awhile I could tell he wanted to take control- he told me to get up and on my hands and knees so he could fuck me doggystyle. WHOA! That man is so huge and when he starts ramming that huge meat into me its really hard to take! That guy is fucking huge!!

I knew I wanted to taste his massive load so got on my knees for him. He likes to jerk off for me and when he's ready to cum he usually gives me a three second warning, lol!

This time was no different- I massaged his now tight balls while he jerked himself. I could tell from his frantic pace that he was close to his release and he stammered something to me that alerted me to his impending orgasm. I looked into his eyes and opened my mouth wide for him. He stared down at me and his mouth dropped open as he started to cum. His his cock started to jerk up and down like a beached salmon as it emptied a HUGE THICK wad directly onto my tongue- this guy has the thickest sperm of any man I've ever swallowed and there is a ton of it! After what seemed like an eternity it stopped ejaculating and he pulled away. I could see there was still more semen on the head so hugrily grabbed his cock and cleaned off the rest.

I then turned to my husband and opened my mouth so he could see how much of a reward I had received, then swallowed the entire mess. It was like swallowing oatmeal! What a load this man produces! We all laugh afterwards at my struggles to get it all down but needless to say everyone was satisfied!