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Wifeys 1st Hotwife Load! Huge young cock and load!



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OMG, this was the very first scene we ever filmed of me swallowing the semen of a man other than my husband!! 

This was shot back in 2003, can you believe that?!

We met this young guy (Mr.X) from an ad on an adult website that catered to hotwives and young guys that wanted to have sex with them. He was only 22 and when he sent me pictures of his big cock I knew I wanted to meet him! We first met him at a Mexican restaurant and I remember being SO NERVOUS because I had never done anything like this before but was so excited to try it. I loved the idea of having sex with another man with my husband there to watch and enjoy  :) We had a few drinks and decided to meet the following weekend for a little fun. When we went out to the parking lot, he pulled his penis out for me to see while I was getting into my car and I couldn't believe it! This young guy had a really nice BIG thick cock!

This guy had seen our website and knew that I had a cum fetish so was really turned on by the idea of finishing his orgasm with me masturbating him into a wineglass! This young guy was super horny and had a really high sex drive!

The video shows me getting him ready by fluffing him and sucking his big dick while my husband films it. I laugh and show him that I have to put two hands on that thick snake! So hot!

In the end he jerks off for me until he gets kinda close to cumming, then hands his cock to me to finish him. I look into his eyes as I jerk him off and can tell when he's about to climax, then I lift the wineglass up and watch this stud pump over 13 shots of semen into the glass!! I couldn't fucking believe it (was he master blaster's son or something??!) Anyway, you can see from my expression I'm impressed, and pour his love juice into my mouth to swallow. A little bit spills onto my huge tits and I eagerly scoop that up and eat it also!

Also includes a great slowmo ending of the cumshot..

If you like cumswallowing scenes and the idea of a hot mature wife satisfying a young guy turns you on, this is your kind of scene!!

This video is 10 1/2 minutes long..