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Wifey's Hung Boytoy!



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MasterBlaster is Back with His Cum Cannon!

Video Format- MP4

Resolution- 1280x720

Runtime- 22 minutes

My hung "Boytoy" MasterBlaster had been away on vacation for a couple of weeks and came back incredibly horny with his balls filled to the brim with his hot sperm!
He hadn't masturbated that entire time and wanted to come over and fuck me and show me and Hubby just how much he could ejaculate after such a long and painful layoff. He didn't disappoint. OMG..
I started it all off by slowly sucking and licking the head of his rock-hard penis while I tenderly rubbed the underside of his swollen balls. Precum was flowing from Masterblaster's cock from the time I took it out of his pants so I knew this was going to be fun! :)
He was so horny that it made me crazy- I got wet just from fellating him and tasting the sticky nectar I was milking from his throbbing prick. My nipples were hard and I could feel the slippery dampness in my pussy as I laid back on the bed so that he could climb up and mount me.
When he slid his thick cock into me it was fucking amazing. Just knowing that my husband was down there with his camera inches away filming MB's cock pounding into my cunt (I don't normally say that word but sometimes its appropriate) in a closeup had me delirious.
I was so horny and talking really dirty to Masterblaster, telling him how much I loved feeling his huge cock again and how much I was looking forward to swallowing another of his huge loads. He loves me talking to him like that and kept talking dirty to me which REALLY turned me on!
He flipped me onto my side and fucked me, continuing to tell me the filthiest things! My husband reached over and started to rub my clitoris while his friend fucked me- oh my god that was hot! My pussy was literally dripping from my own lubrication and MB's flowing precum.
After that I climbed up and mounted his pole, riding him while he enjoyed staring at my huge tits and sucking on my big hard nipples.
Soon I could see that look on his face- it was the "I need to fucking cum" look that I have seen so many times while I'm fucking a guy. I LOVE that look and couldn't wait to see what MB had in store for me!
I laid on my back with my head near the end of the bed so that Masterblaster could get his cock over my face. I wanted to lick his balls while he jerked himself off. He held my shoulder down with one hand and pinned me to the bed while my husband pinched my hard nipples. I knew it wasn't going to take him long and sure enough he ordered me to open my mouth after about 30 seconds of stroking himself. He pointed his penis towards my open mouth and started to moan. I could see his balls tighten and knew he was ready to ejaculate. I then saw his sperm start to shoot from the head of his penis- I opened my mouth wider so I didn't miss anything. Rope after rope spurted onto my tongue and down into my throat. Some of his hot semen was spilling down into my nose which made it hard to lay still lol! OMG, this dude shot 11 ropes of warm semen into my mouth! I was nearly fucking drowning lol! And it was running up my nose. Whoa. I sat up so I could show the two guys how much cum I had in my mouth before I swallowed. They both seemed turned on :)
Also includes two separate slow-mo angles of this INCREDIBLE oral cumshot- one of the best ever!!