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WifeysWorld Presents: The Feeding!



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Video Format- MP4
Resolution- 1280x720
Runtime- 17 minutes
As many of my fans know, one of my favorite "friends" to play with is MasterBlaster. Not only does this guy have a huge, rock-hard (and I mean rock-hard) cock, but he's able to produce some of the biggest loads during ejaculation that I have ever seen! He's always horny as fuck and can barely contain himself when we start, hurrying to bury that monster into my warm and wet married pussy.

This time was the same but a little different. He told me that he held off cumming for a week so I knew I was going to be in for another massive cumshot and I had been feeling ultra nasty myself and wanted to see if I could swallow the entire load after he finished fucking me.

It started off with me playing with his rigid dong while he played with and then sucked on my 34F tits. I knew this was going to be a hot scene as he was already dripping precum and my pussy was wet from the moment his mouth clamped over my erect nipple. I stroked his cock while he nursed from me but knew I needed that cock buried in me immediately.

He bent me over the pool table and slid it into my soaked and slippery cunt (sorry to be so graphic, but this is the only accurate way to describe the moment). He started pumping into me slowly and deliberately at first. It was really hot because he grabbed one side of my ass while my husband grabbed the other. Together they spread my pussy wide open so that MB's thick dong could go balls deep. I was nearly delirious!

After pumping me into a froth he went over and sat on the edge of the sofa and had me sit on him reverse cowgirl style so my husband could film his huge cock slamming into me while I rode him. His hands grasped my shaking tits while I massaged his swollen and full balls as he fucked me. My clit was swollen and huge as I neared my own orgasm.

I wanted to ride him better so he laid on the couch and I mounted him, forcing my hips down onto him so his cock could pierce deeper into me. I talked dirty to him at this point, asking him if he wanted to feed me all his cum. I could feel his cock twinge and get harder as I teased him. I could soon see on his face he was nearing climax and I didn't want to miss it.

We moved over near the bar and I dropped to my knees and started massaging and kneading his pre-cum dripping cock. I licked the salty drops away from his glans and my husband grabbed the back of my head and forced his friend's cock further into my throat. That made me even wetter and my nipples stiffened so hard they ached.

I then set back and opened my mouth for him while he masturbated, my eyes were locked onto his and I talked dirty for him again, pleading with him to fill my mouth with his warm and pungent semen.

It didn't take him long- he started to groan and ordered me to open my mouth for him. He laid the head of his penis onto my tongue and gently stroked his cock as he started ejaculating. OH MY GOD! His cock started shooting and shooting and shooting. I was able to maintain eye contact until the 10th rope of cum blasted the back of my throat. At that point you can kinda see the panic in my eyes as his sperm was literally filling my mouth and throat and I started to choke a little!! After another blast I had to pull away- but I was able to hold it together lol! I sat back up and opened my mouth to show the guys how much cum I had in my mouth. After composing myself I was able to swallow it all down in a couple of huge gulps!! THAT WAS THE BIGGEST CUMSHOT IN MY LIFE! So hot and nasty. If you are into oral cumshots this one is gonna blow your mind :)