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XXXmas Hotwife Adventure!



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OMG- The Masterblaster Returns! My first video ever showing me having intercourse with a man other than my husband and receiving the biggest facial cumshot of my life!!

Video format- Mp4

Resolution- 1280x720

Running time- 20 minutes

Well Xmas is almost here and my husband wanted to surprise me with something really special this year. He knows how much I love a huge cock and decided to surprise me with a visit from one of my favorite studs, the MasterBlaster!

I knew something special was going to happen that evening as my husband asked me to wear something really sexy that showed off my huge 34F boobs and accentuated my slender MILF body. He kept talking dirty to me all afternoon long and that combined with the wine I had been sipping on throughout the day had me horny as hell by the the evening!

As the night arrived he lead me into the bedroom and asked me to wait on the bed while he brought in my "present". My married pussy was literally soaked as I knew that something VERY naughty would be happening soon!!

After a couple of minutes the door opened and there was my husband- standing at the door with one of his friends by his side. I felt butterflies in my stomach as I knew immediately what was about to happen. My heart was racing and I felt my wet panties start to soak even more. My clitoris was swollen and I knew right then that I needed to get fucked, and fucked hard. This was going to be a VERY MERRY XMAS!

Masterblaster walked over to me silently and undid his pants in front of me. He pulled them down for me and I saw that his huge white cock was already hard and pre-cum was actually seeping from his swollen head. My husband started filming and I grabbed his friend's penis and sucked it deeply into my mouth, flicking my tongue over his slightly salty swollen head. He moaned and told me he needed to fuck me.

After that it was almost a blur. He started off by mounting me from the top, driving his thick cock into my furiously, then slowing down teasingly until I nearly lost my mind. I was a little surprised this guy could fuck me so passionately with my husband so close by filming it! I guess he was as turned on by the whole scene as my husband I were!

We went from position to position, missionary to cowgirl to missionary and back. His fucking huge cock stayed as hard as a rock, and he just kept fucking me relentlessly!! 

I knew that I HAD to see this guy's cock cum as his loads are insane so I asked him to jerk himself off while I massaged his balls and talked dirty to him, gazing into his eyes so that I could watch his expression throughout his orgasm (which REALLY turns me on!).

He didn't disappoint either!! I could see the concerned look on his face when he was close to his climax so I encouraged him even more, begging for him to shoot his massive load all over my face and to give me his hot cum! Soon his cock started leaking precum and his engorged dick started pumping out one those legendary loads- literally blasting my face with more sperm than I have ever seen! His semen shot into both my eyes as I struggled to keep them open while watching him enjoy his release. Rope after warm rope covered my face and dripped down onto my huge tits! Fuck it was hot!!

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