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YoungGun Strikes Again!



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Wifey's Favorite Boy Toy Returns!

Video Format- MP4

Resolution- 1280x720

Runtime- 19 minutes

One of my favorite "play friends" is Youngun- the young handsome black stud with the thick cock and blasting cumshots!

This time he had texted me telling me that he'd been super horny and wanted to know if he could stop by and see me again. I was feeling it too and knew my husband would love filming me with him again!

When he walked in the door he was already half hard and I could see his precum. I knew this was going to be good!

I took him into my bedroom and started kissing him. He wanted me to pull my tits out so he could suck on my huge nipples. That got me so hot I HAD to see and suck that gorgeous cock!

I then went down on him, sucking his big dick and licking his swollen and full balls.

After that he laid me on the bed and mounted me, sliding that coke can thick cock into my soaked married pussy. OMG that felt good! He fucked me hard- I could tell he hadn't climaxed in days and I could feel the urgency in his thrusts into me! the serious look on his face told me he was there for business!  :)

He fucked me in several positions until he could hold out no longer. He told me off camera his balls were throbbing sore and needed to cum.

I dropped to my knees and massaged my tits for him while he stared down at me while slowly stroking his cock (I love the way that young man masturbates- so hot!)

It didn't take him long before he mumbled something about cumming. His legs were shaking and I knew he was going to shower me with his hot load. His breathing got really heavy and his cock started ejaculating, BLASTING cum like a laser beam onto my face (he must have really been turned on, whoa!). After half a dozen ropes he started to slow down and I took his spent cock into my mouth to squeeze out the rest.

He finally smiled now that his release was complete. 

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