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Wifey's Sperm-O-Rama! DVD

Wifey's Sperm-O-Rama! DVD

Wifey goes nuts (or actually drains nuts) in this naughty DVD that showcases her wonderful cock draining prowess!

Wifey's Sperm-O-Rama! DVD



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Running Time: 60 Minutes

Here you go guys, looking for a nasty "cum gobbling" tape? (jeez, I'm starting to sound like a slut!).

Hubby put this video together to showcase some of our more "interesting" moments taken during our website updates.

It features the "table lick" scene we did. I suck and stroke Hubby until he's ready to climax, then instruct him to masturbate himself onto our glass coffee table. He shoots a huge thick load onto it and I immediately drop down and lick it clean! Hubby gets some good angles of my big boobs during the "licking", stage, so you get the full meal deal.

In another scene, "Nurse Wifey" receives a patient that seems to be having problems ejaculating into a woman's mouth. I'm donning a nurse's outfit that leaves my 36DD's exposed and the patient has no problems getting a huge hardon for me to "operate" on.

After several minutes of intense "oral therapy", he shoots a gigantic thick load directly into the poor nurse's open mouth, and she swallows it all down (his load was SO THICK in this scene that I could hardly swallow it, I almost choked!) Afterwards, I'm forced to admit to the patient that I have a problem also, that I cannot climax when a man is looking at me. Luckily for me, the "patient" cures the problem, pulling on my big nipples and squeezing my tits until I reach a strong climax (authentic!).

In yet another scene, I'm wearing a "cheerleading" outfit and do a small cheer for hubby before giving him one of my "special" baby oil handjobs. His sperm pours out of his cock over my hands and arm and I lick them clean. Afterwards, I climax.

In one of my favorite scenes, Hubby plays a waiter that is serving me a "cock" tail. The scene ends with me jerking his large penis off into a glass and swallowing it all!