Mystery Milking- Download- MASSIVE LOAD!

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This is a first for us- a "mystery shooter" we invited over to to enjoy himself on my milking table  :)

This is the biggest cumshot we have ever posted in all of the years we've been online. This "mystery man" can't control himself for long after I start sucking on his cock and hanging balls. I think the idea of Wifey milking him was too much, lol. He completely loses it about 2 1/2 minutes in and unleashes 12 ropes of cum. Most shoots directly into my mouth with the rest blasting my hair and huge tits! I show it off to my "camera man" then swallow what I can!

This video has two angles, and includes some jaw dropping super smooth slow motion footage of the massive load this guy shoots all over me!

If I get a good response I may add more scenes from this "mystery man" in the future  :)


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