Sissy's BBC Adventure!

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Sissy's BBC Adventure!
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Video Format- MP4
Resolution- 1280x720
Runtime- 19 minutes
As many members of the site know, I have an "alter-ego" named Sissy that pops over from time to time to show off her slutty ways.. ;)
She is a complete slut, and proudly so. In this scene she invites over one of MY favorite studs, GMan. This guy has a cock that is literally over 9" long and as thick as my fucking wrist! (look at the pics!)
He comes in and at first he and Sissy are making small talk, she's asking him what he thinks about when he's jerking off (Wifey he says!) and then she invites him into the bedroom.
She pulls down his pants and reveals his huge cock, telling Hubby how huge it is and holding it up to arm to show it really is as thick as her wrist! She's massaging and playing with his massive balls also, and soon takes him into her mouth as he hardens and grows even bigger!
Afterwards he lays her down and rubs his massive dong head all over her clit until she can't stand it any longer- she grabs the shaft and pulls it into her soaked vagina. Gman starts fucking her missionary style and Sissy pulls his head towards hers and starts to kiss him while she's being fucked.
Her pussy is frothing from the juices of both and he wants to fuck her doggystyle. She can barely take his length though and is soon up on top, his hands all over her ass, spreading everything wide open so the camera can get a good view of his massive cock sliding into her slippery cunt.
After a bit she tells him he can't cum yet because she has a surprise- her milking table! She gets down under the table and GMan lays down and you see his horse sized cock slide into the hold and dangle inf ront of a delighted Sissy. She keeps going on about how huge it looks hanging there, and how massive his balls are as well (and full of cum)
Soon she starts massaging his girthy black dong and balls. GMan can be heard moaning as she expertly works him closer and closer to his climax. After several minutes you can hear GMan start to countdown as his orgasm begins! His cock starts to jerk and SPIT thick strands of hot cum into Sissy's mouth and over her face. She smiles and keeps milking his rod, squeezing out every last thick drop onto her tongue, then proudly showing it all off to Hubby. She swallows everything she had corralled into her mouth, with several thick hanging strands of hot semen still dangling from her chin and face.

SO HOT!! Don't miss this sexy, dirty piece of erotica!!


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