Wifey vs Ninja's BBC!

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Wifey vs Ninja's BBC!
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Wifey's Tames Ninjas BBC and Experiences the MONSTER LOAD!!
Video Format- MP4
Resolution- 1280x720
Runtime- 26:13 minutes

My Husband had told me about a guy that had contacted him wanting to get together the next time he was in town because he was a big fan and had a "Big Present" for me that he thought I would appreciate. He was right!
He calls himself Ninja, and OMG this guy was something else! 6'4" with a huge BBC and a really nice body.
We met at a local resort and I was immediately turned on by him. He was very confident and once we got up into our room he immediately grabbed me and pulled my panties down, driving his tongue into my wet pussy while I was sitting in the little living room of the hotel room! He was very aggressive which I loved! My husband was filming and I could tell he was digging it too- he came over and started massaging and pinching my tits and nipples while the black stud continued eating me out.
After a few minutes he had me soaked and so ready to fuck I couldn't believe it! We walked over to the bed and he climbed up on top of me and drove his big cock into me, fucking me slowly at first and kissing me passionately! He was whispering dirty things in my ear about how much he loved fucking me which was so hot! I was super horned up and knew that I would climax soon. He pounded me missionary style for several minutes until I reached my orgasm, soaking his huge penis even more!
I then climbed up on top of him, slowly riding that huge dong while he enjoyed staring and playing with my huge 34F tits. He really enjoyed me talking dirty to him, telling him how much I loved having him fuck me in front of my husband and how good it felt to have that massive BBC inside of me! That talk got him to fuck me even harder which was incredibly intense!
I knew that he was ready to climax and I always love to watch my new "friends" explode onto my face or into my mouth the first time so we got up and I dropped to my knees, looking up at him and slowly teasing that pre-cum dripping black dong.
I bobbed my mouth and lips up and down the shaft while I lightly tickled and stroked his full nut sack, which was tightening up and giving me signals that his orgasm was imminent!
He grabbed his cock and started stroking it while I reached up and pinched his nipples (he really loved that, so nasty!). His pace quickened, and I could see from his facial expression that he was getting ready to cum. He mumbled something about "almost ready" then pointed his penis towards my open mouth and continued stroking. He started moaning and I laid my tongue out, anticipating his hot ejaculation. I was so horny to see him cum! Then he began ejaculating. And ejaculating. And ejaculating! OMG, you have got to see this guy's cumshot to believe it! It was like someone squeezing oatmeal out of a firehose! His sperm was so thick and white I had never experienced anything like it! I could have eaten it with a fork! He stroked the semen out for what seemed like an hour! There was so much thick cum in my mouth that he and my husband were both chuckling, knowing I had my work cut out for me! I opened my mouth for Ninja and my husband so they could see just how much bounty I had received, then swallowed the entire mess! His cock was still dripping and a long thick strand of sperm was hanging from his penis. I quickly grabbed it and licked off the rest, making sure not to miss anything! WOW this was crazy!!


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