Wifey vs Thick Mick!

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Wifey vs Thick Mick!
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Wifey takes on a Beer Can Sized Huge White Cock!!

Video Format- MP4

Resolution- 1280x720

Runtime- 23:50 minutes

Wow!! We met this guy online and I almost didn't even believe the pictures he sent us were real because his cock looked ridiculously huge and THICK AS HELL!! When he showed up at the hotel and dropped his pants I was so happy to see it actually WAS real!  :)

First off he started to lick and eat my pussy in the living room while my husband filmed and pinched on my hard nipples. The sight of the two of these guys working on me had my pussy soaked! I had to see his penis so he stood up and pulled down his pants and underwear. OMG, I couldn't even believe the thickness of his penis when it fell out!! I started to massage and suck on the head and it got even BIGGER! I couldn't wait to get into the bedroom so I could feel that monster cock inside of me..

We moved to the bedroom and Mr Beercan entered me while I was on top. His penis was so fucking thick that I had to SLOWLY lower myself down onto it, it completely stretched my married pussy to the limit, pulling my swollen lips in and out with each thrust!

After I got going it felt so fantastic, I'd never seen or felt a cock that thick before so I was extremely turned on and knew my husband was loving watching me take that as well.

Mr Beercan asked if he could get on top of me because he wanted to start really fucking me hard. I told him yes (nervously lol), then laid on my back while he lowered himself onto me and drove his girthy dong into my soaked cunt. He started thrusting into me and I couldn't believe the sensation. OMG this guy's dick was HUGE! Fuck! It was so thick that the walls of my vagina were being constantly massaged and his thickness was actually rubbing against my clitoris from the inside! Had never experienced that before..

He wanted to fuck me doggy style so I flipped over for him and got submissively onto all fours. He leaned over and massaged my huge hanging tits then entered me aggressively and started to pump his horse sized appendage into me. I was almost delirious at this point lol! 

His thrusts quickened and I could tell he was more than ready to finally climax. He had told me in his emails that he wanted to ejaculate all over my face, so he pulled his thing out of me and laid down on the bed. I leaned over him so he could play with my tits while he masturbated. When he was ready to finish he told me "I'm gonna cum on your face" so I jumped off the bed and dropped to me knees.

He stood up and started to ejaculate, the ropes of his semen shot onto my face and I opened my mouth so I could taste his warm sperm. His cum shot all over me, onto my face, into my eyes and hair and all over my mouth. It was SUPER SEXY!! DAMN! After his climax subsided I tenderly sucked and squeezed his spent cock to coax out the remainder of his baby batter. All three of us enjoyed a good laugh at how hot this came out!!


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