Wifey's BBC DoubleCum!!

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Wifey's BBC DoubleCum!!
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Watch Wifey Coax a Rare Double Cumshot from this Massive BBC!!

Video Format- MP4
Resolution- 1280x720
Runtime- 21:33 minutes
This is an early video that my husband and I shot (back in 2009) with one of our favorite "bulls"- the super hung GMan with the thick 9" cock and oatmeal thick cumshots that never cease to amaze me! We shot this video without ever thinking it would be posted so it's a little raw and unedited.
Starts off with us down in our game room- I'm on my knees holding GMans dick and talking about how big it is (this was only the second time I had been with him, I still couldn't believe the length and girth of this monster!). He has me put my hands on it like a bat to show that he has a true "three hander"! Fucking huge!
After I suck him for awhile he pushes me back on the couch and drives his tongue up my wet cunt, driving me crazy while my husband sucks on my hard swollen nipples. This was kinda early in our hotwifing activities so I wasn't really that experienced but was TOTALLY turned on!
He licked me until my pussy was nearly frothing, then got up and mounted me, driving that huge BBC into me bareback (I hate rubbers). His thick dong is almost more than I can handle but luckily he starts out slow and easy, driving it carefully into me and slowly pulling it out, my pussy lips locked around his shaft and being pulled inside out with each thrust.
After awhile of mish, I get up on him reverse cowgirl, so my husband can get a great view of that fulfilling BBC that is pounding into his slutty little wife :)
His dong is already leaking pre-cum and my pussy is completely lathered. We fucked like that for quite awhile, then he flips me over and nails me doggystyle so he can get REALLY deep inside of me. That man has a huge dick, OMG!
His thrusts are starting to get more frantic so I can tell that his orgasm is starting to build. I wanted to taste his thick cum so ask him to stop and let me get on my knees.
We re-orient ourselves so I can get "eye to eye" with that monster. I suck on his penis and ask him if he likes his huge hanging balls massaged during oral. He grunts out a "yes" so I start to cradle them with my hands while sucking and massaging his head and shaft.
His legs start to shake and I can tell from his breathing that his climax is approaching. I LOVE watching a man masturbate so ask him to jerk off for me. He grabs his cock and starts to jerk it, slowly at first, then increasing in tempo. His breathing starts to get heavier and I know it's almost time. I look up into his eyes and see that familiar slack-jawed look a man has as he reaches the point of no return. He tells me "it's building" and all of a sudden his cock starts spitting warm sperm onto my face- thick dolops of semen that hit my cheeks and eyes and drop into my open mouth. A huge thick rope fires out and covers my face from the top of my head to my chin! His hard dong just keeps spilling cum onto me and there's so much I actually started to laugh.
When he was finished (or so I thought), he kept stroking his cock which was still as hard as a rock. I looked up at him and was a little confused, he still had that "I'm gonna cum" look so I just went with it. I opened my mouth and showed him the mess he had just shot into it. He stroked even faster and after about 20 seconds he blurted out "I'm not done with you yet" and started to ejaculate AGAIN!! His cock started to spill even more thick cum! Fucking crazy! Another warm rope blasted over my face and the head was spilling even more semen into my mouth again! Finally he was was finished.. I couldn't believe it, I'd never seen a man have two orgasms within 30 seconds in my life!! I told him "you're a fucking pornstar!" and we were all laughing about it. He said he was super excited and was able to do that on occasion. Don't miss out!!!


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