Wifey Meets DFW Knight!

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Wifey Meets DFW Knight!
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Wifey's Meets DFW Knight!

Crazy Messy Creampie Ending into my Hotwife Pussy!!

Video Format- MP4
Resolution- 720P
Runtime- 36 minutes

My husband had showed me some of DFW Knight's video online years ago and I always liked his style- very classy gentleman, always sharply dressed and he seemed to really enjoy PLEASING the woman he was with (his ridiculously thick cock didn't hurt either lol)

Imagine my surprise when he emailed us awhile back saying he was a fan and would be interested in getting together sometime. I was skeptical at first- I don't have an interest in "pro" porn as it's not authentic to me and I only want to be with someone sexually if we're both into it.

But after watching more of his videos it was really apparent that he was different than most "pros". This guy just looked like he loved to fuck! It was really sexy because he seemed to really get into fucking hotwives and filling their married pussies with his thick bull semen.

He came over to our place for a drink and our plan was to just meet and see if there was a vibe- no pressure for sex that evening, just a simple meet and greet to see if there was a mutual interest. And then he showed up at the door...

This guy is REALLY sexy- tall and well built (just my type!). He's very handsome and intelligent also which really got me wet after talking among ourselves for a while. After a few drinks I thought it might be fun to just play around a bit, not worry about something to post online. So we headed off to the bedroom and he started kissing me..

I had consumed a few drinks so was already horny and he was driving me crazy. He was holding me up, sliding his tongue in my mouth and fingering my wet pussy while my husband looked on. I told him- "Babe- grab a camera!!". He grabbed a camera and continued to film us making out while DFW was rubbing my clit.  I then started stroking his very erect cock through his pants. WHOA!

After a few minutes I knew I needed to fuck this hot man- NOW! I dropped to my knees and took his stiff cock into my mouth- his dick was HUGE! OMG it was so fucking thick it's crazy! Perfect length too- not TOO long but definitely hung like a horse! He moaned while I licked and slowly stroked the head. His pre-cum spilled out from the slit and I hungrily lapped it all up. His legs were shaking and I knew he wanted to fuck me through the bed!

I told him "I need to feel that thing inside me" but he said he wanted to taste me first. I laid on the bed and he started to eat my swollen soaked pussy while my husband pulled in tweaked my hard nipples. I was so fucking horny I couldn't believe it! He lapped my swollen clit and drove his tongue into my pussy deep. He then rolled me on my side and licked my ass for awhile!

After that he got up and started fucking me missionary style- HARD!! I had to tell him to slow down a bit so I could get used to that girth, lol!! After that I climbed up and mounted him- slowly lowering myself onto his rock hard black monster cock until he couldn't stand it and started to thrust into me like an animal! I wanted my husband to get a better look so I turned around reverse cowgirl so he could watch and film that thick slab stabbing my married pussy like a crazy person!

After fucking me doggystyle for a bit he said he was close to cumming. My husband asked him where he wanted to shoot his load and he said he loves to creampie the wife. I was thrilled!

I laid on my back and The Knight mounted me again. He started slowly but picked up speed, slamming his massive dong into my slobbering pussy. His pace quickened and I looked into his eyes, I could see from "that look" he was getting nearer to his orgasm. He pounded harder and let out a loud groan, "aaaahh" he yelled out. Then he moaned loudly again twice before burying his big bull cock into me. I could feel the thick appendage start to ejaculate, throbbing as it shot its thick load into my slutty hotwife pussy. He really drove that cock DEEP into me so it would feed all of his hot cum into me. After a few moments he withdrew his spent but still hard member from my vagina. His thick sperm spilled from my pussy like a river of glue, running between my legs onto my asshole. Talk about naughty!! We kissed passionately for a few moments and he pushed his cock back into my pussy and slowly pumped the last few strands of his sperm into me. DON'T MISS THIS!!


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