Wifey's First Fucktoy!

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One of my hottest hotwife scenes ever!

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WOW- not going to lie. This might be my favorite hotwife scene of all time. We shot this a little over 20 years ago!! 

It was only my second or third time having sex with another man with my husband watching AND this was the very first guy I had ever fucked as a hotwife. This video is very raw, I'm completely naked throughout most of it and for the most part it's unedited. You see exactly how it went down! 

This young guy was 22 at the time (I was 38!). He was tall, nice looking and had a really big dick! He eats me, fucks me, spanks me and basically uses my body totally for his pleasure.. ???? 

The ending still makes me wet- he's fucking me from behind, pounding my unfaithful (and soaked!) pussy. He picks up his pace and then slaps my ass and tells me "come get it". I hurriedly drop to my knees and grab his fat, spurting cock with my hands, jerking and stroking it into my wide open mouth. His sperm was shooting everywhere!! ???? I love the way he tells me "there's more in there baby" when I slowed down and sure enough more of his hot cum spilled onto my tongue. OMG that was so fucking crazy hot! Don't miss this- it is very SPECIAL..


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Absolutely fantastic video, the best Wifey video I've seen, so glad I purchased it.
To see a younger Wifey so turned on and excited, moaning with such joy and pleasure receiving a young guys rock hard big cock!! and receiving his load at the end. Awesome video
A must buy for Wifey fans