Wifey vs Mr X!

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Wifey vs Mr X!
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Well, here it is- the infamous "Mr X" scene we've teased and talked about for many years!

This is by far the hottest "hotwife" scene we've ever shot (in my opinion anyway!). I was so totally turned on by this hung BBC stud it was crazy. This is the only time I've ever been recorded squirting when I climaxed- he made me cum with his hands and I completely lost control, my pussy started squirting all over his cock and clothes!! ???????????? (I felt like Masterblaster lol). At the time I was crazy embarrassed because it had never happened to me but now it's so totally hot to watch!! 

He has a huge cock and is built like a greek god! He fucks me crazy, pokes his fingers up my tight asshole and basically uses me as his personal fuck toy! Totally raw, this was never meant to be public but was so hot we had to show it off!! 

It runs a whopping 49 minutes (no edits)! You can tell how horned up I was when he climaxed, milking his squirting hose into my warm mouth like a lovestruck teenager!! ???? Holy Jeezus I made love to that man's huge cock while it was filling my mouth with his thick bull seed!! I was so turned on he had to literally push my head off his spent cock after he climaxed because I couldn't take my mouth off it! OMG I was so turned on!! ???? This is the best- never topped by us ???? (though we'll keep trying!!) ..


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